Numerology and Sex – For Adults Only!

Sex is important! Through the act we perpetuate the species, our own genetic material, and of course, we have fun. Sex is one of the fundamental drives of the human mind; ask any advertiser or film maker whether or not sex sells. Sex is what I like to call a Sensual Energy eXchange. There are […]

More Sex, Better Sex – For Adults Only

Honestly, I don’t know enough about sex to comment on this topic. My last sexual partner is my current partner, and she has made it clear that for her, privacy is an aphrodisiac. All the better for you, since I have been forced to consult the sexiest person I know on your behalf. I talked […]

Women’s Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Online dating is a popular way to meet people now, but it can be a jungle out there….trust me I know! Find out what you should know and how to keep yourself safe, along with some tips for a better online dating profile. We’re going to talk about safety and privacy, people you […]