Women’s Online Dating Tips

Online Dating

Online dating is a popular way to meet people now, but it can be a jungle out there….trust me I know! Find out what you should know and how to keep yourself safe, along with some tips for a better online dating profile.

We’re going to talk about safety and privacy, people you should avoid and what type of dating site is right for you. And lastly how to make your profile more appealing.

Online Dating Safety Tips

There are a lot of predators out there and you need to protect yourself. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying, although most guys don’t seem to get it…but then they aren’t afraid to walk down dark alleys by themselves. So I’m going to give you some ideas of how to prevent some potentially dangerous situations, and they may seem rude to men but it’s you we’re talking about and you need to take care of yourself.
A lot of people say things about themselves that seem innocent enough, but you might slip and say something that could lead to having a stalker find you. I had a friend mention she worked at a pool hall part time, sort of by mistake, turned out the guy knew which pool hall it was when he asked if she knew the owner (who was his friend). This didn’t turn out badly, which is lucky for her, but it could have been a bad situation.

You may think that these precautions are a bit much, but I know from experience and watched the experiences of my friends to know that it is far better to be careful now, then to end up in trouble later.